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Peter Pischke is a dedicated correspondent, a creative writer, a quirky podcaster, a disabled otaku, and a reporter with a proven history of impactful pieces centered on hard-hitting issues as well as lighthearted nerd topics.

You may have read his award-nominated work in the New York Daily News, Reason Magazine, the Post Millennial, Spiked! Online, the Federalist, and more. Perhaps his reporting on the opioid crisis or Resident Evil?

Or you may have seen him on many top podcasts, radio, and television programs; Including Mikhaila Peterson, Dennis Prager, Bill O’Reilly, the Ayn Rand Centre UK podcast featuring Mark Pelligrino, and Ali Rucka; and the Smithsonian’s Old Not Better podcast, reaching over 500,000 people each week.

Pete’s primary beat is the opioid crisis and prohibition. He also writes on nerd culture, game journalism, film, politics, disability, and health topics. Pete is also a member of Young Voices and is the Grand Puba of the Happy Warrior. 

Noted online for his deep-cut nerd takes and for being a solid communicator possessing a wide network of contacts. His reputation with other journalists and disability advocates is a one-of-a-kind dedicated investigator and researcher. This Happy Warrior always sticks to the Truth, no matter how unpopular it may be. 

Bill O'Reilly | No Spin News
New York Daily News
Ben Shapiro | Daily Wire
Pain News Network
The Federalist
Ayn Rand Centre UK Podcast
Smithsonian | Old Not Better Show
The Dennis Prager Show

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